Beige and Blue Pampa Dog Collar by Stick & Ball



Stick and Ball founder Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn grew up hunting and fishing in Homa, Louisiana. Today, her sustainable brand draws inspiration from the sport of polo for luxury, Southern-minded goods with style to spare. 

Pamper your pup with an exclusive Stick & Ball collar. Featuring high-quality leather and a hand-stitched Argentine pampa pattern, this leash will stand the test of time.

  • Small: .79” wide, 7.5” long
  • Medium: 1” wide, 11.5” long
  • Large: 1” wide, 15.75” long
  • Leather; waxed nylon hand stitching
  • Measured from where leather folds over buckle to middle hole of collar. Each hole plus or minus adds or subtracts approximately 1 inch to circumference.