G&G Exclusive

Clutch Wallet with Wristlet Strap by Molly M Designs



Molly M Designs is based in the Gilman District of Berkeley, California. A professionally trained architect who frequently used a laser cutter to make models, Molly recognized the machine’s unique potential to create functional art. Today, Molly's work lies at the intersection of architecture and textile design, graphic, and product design. Her approach is heavily influenced by her background in architecture as she searches for new and interesting ways to use Larry and Lola, her trusty laser cutters. The Molly M Designs collection includes jewelry, homewares, leather accessories, and goods for kids.

With a wristlet for easy toting, this natural leather wallet with antique brass hardware delivers effortless style on the go.

  • Natural leather wristlet
  • Size: 8”x4.5”
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Color combinations are exclusive to Fieldshop