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Oyster Essentials

Go from tide to table with our collection of oyster season essentials.

Oyster Kitchen Towel by SKT Ceramics

SKT Ceramics founder Susannah Tisue incorporates her fine-art training into her carefully considered objects. Each piece begins with a handmade sketch and is silkscreened on unbleached cotton flour sack material.  Each towel is preshrunk and...
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Potlikker Mignonette by Driftwood Pantry

Rooted in the Holy City, Driftwood Pantry has shared their unique culinary vision with Charleston and beyond. A Lowcountry staple, mignonette is a blend of vinegar and shallots that pairs beautifully with the creamy brine of a fresh oyster. This...
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Oyster Shucker Set by Sea Island Forge

6th Annual Made in the South runner-up, Sea Island Forge, has created a one of a kind oyster shucker that is sure to get the job done throughout the Oyster Season.  5.5″ long and crafted in food-grade stainless steel, the Sea Island Forge...
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