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Sip Back & Relax

Beverage essentials for any occasion. 

Chai Concentrate by the Chai Box

Based in Atlanta, Monica Sunny grew up in an Indian household where chai was an integral part of her family’s daily rituals. Each morning, her home was filled with its warm and spicy aroma, connecting them to their roots, offering a sense of calm,...
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Cocktail Cubes by Teaspressa

Teaspressa is an all-natural, organic tea with no artificial flavors or additives. Founded by Allison DeVane, the brand set out to create a tea reminiscent of coffee using an entirely new brewing process. The final product has the same body, robust...
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Wine Key by Moore & Giles

With deep roots in Virginia craftsmanship, Lynchburg-based leather maker Moore and Giles creates luxury goods from fine natural materials with inherent beauty and timeless appeal.  With this leather lanyard, you’ll never forget your wine key...
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Vintage-Inspired Metal Cooler by Foster & Rye

Foster & Rye creates modern lifestyle accessories that embody refinement, simplicity, and an everyday sense of adventure. Bring some nostalgic charm to outdoor picnics or beach outings with this retro-styled green cooler. Made of durable stainless...
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Ice Bucket by Alabama Sawyer

Alabama Sawyer designs modern, environmentally sustainable products from fallen trees in Birmingham, Alabama.Handcrafted from cherry wood from Birmingham's urban forest, this geometric ice bucket is the perfect place to house a bottle of your favorite...
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Bloody Mary Mix by Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde is the debut line of mixers from John Aquino, award-winning mixologist and bartender based in Charleston, South Carolina.This all-natural Bloody Mary Mix is a blend of Valencia Gold and Carolina Gold tomatoes—sourced locally from...
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Vermouth Brined Olives by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Brooks Reitz, founder of Charleston's Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., has been highly-regarded for reviving the craft cocktail culture of the South.Grown in California, these vermouth-brined olives are the perfect addition to the classic martini, Bloody Mary, or...
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Bourbon Cherries (13.5 oz.) by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Brooks Reitz, the founder of Charleston's Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., has been highly-regarded for reviving the craft cocktail culture of the South.The perfect finishing touch to a well-made cocktail, these small-batch craft bourbon cherries are soaked in...
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Cork Holder by JM Piers

Preserve the pop with these charming, hinged glass boxes—designed to keep your celebrative corks on display once the bottle has been emptied. This set includes a personalized note tag to commemorate the date, occasion, and spirit.
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