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The SIL x Fieldshop

Shop an exclusive capsule collection presented by The SIL. The collection features designs by Buru, Daphne Wilde, Hayden Lasher, Mi Golondrina, and Tish Cox. With a rich color palette and a warm, playful feel, the pieces exude both whimsy and classic style, making effortless additions to any winter wardrobe. 

Tiffany Dress by Tish Cox for The SIL x Fieldshop

Ever a believer in making a statement, Tish Cox practices the trends she preaches, demonstrating a stylish ease from the produce section to the streets of Soho. Since her first collection debuted in the spring of 2010, the designer has developed a cult...
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Maria Dress by Mi Golondrina for The SIL x Fieldshop

Cristina Lynch founded Mi Golondrina in 2013 to share the beauty of Mexico with the modern day woman. Inspired by her mother’s Mexican heritage and her own love for Mexican art, Lynch set out to preserve the traditions of hand-embroidery,...
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Reversible Car Coat by Buru for The SIL x Fieldshop

With the understanding that versatility and washability are paramount, BURU founder Morgan Hutchinson is on a mission to help every mama look and feel her best. Her designs are meant to transcend generations, seasons, and phases of motherhood—after...
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Finn Handbag by Hayden Lasher for The Sil x Fieldshop

Hayden Lasher’s handbag collection reflects the New York designer’s love of timeless design and classic construction. Manufactured with the highest quality Italian leather and adorned with a signature bow, each bag is equipped with a cell...
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