Face Masks by ThunderVoice Hat Co.



The iconic Navajo brim hat has spanned through the ages, as a reminder of generations past. A collaboration of cultures, ThunderVoice Hat Co. carries on the lineage of Native fashion. Each ThunderVoice hat is vintage hand-sourced, steamed and shaped, creatively visioned, and lovingly made. 

With a linen-canvas exterior and a soft cotton cloth interior, these masks encourage you to stay safe while supporting relief efforts in the Navajo Nation. Each mask features fabric design by ThunderVoice Hat Co. founder ThunderVoice Eagle, and is handmade with love by his family.

  • Choose between: Orange Desert Sunset and Green Camo
  • Canvas exterior, cotton interior
  • Patterns on mask may vary as each cut from the fabric is different
  • Masks are not returnable
  • One size fits most. Knot the elastic to adjust the tightness of the straps
  • Handwash with hot water, air-dry
  • Masks are not medical grade