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Indulge in a little me-time with our curated apothecary items produced for men and women.

Soaps by Dulce de Donké

Dulce de Donké is a natural skin-care line that uses raw donkey milk to create natural products for sensitive skin. For every purchase, the brand donates a jar of donkey milk—known to help treat autoimmune diseases—to a child in need...
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Portofino Towel by Elysian by Emily Morrison

As a child, Emily Morrison was always drawn to the unknown. After graduating from the University of Virginia and completing her law and business degrees at Tulane University, she spent the next sixteen years working on Wall Street. During this time,...
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Hand Creams by Musee

Based in Madison County, Mississippi, Musee creates all-natural, handmade bath products that give back to the local community. On a mission to restore lives by providing dignified work, the brand hires primarily hire women in recovery, people with...
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Soap Box Gift Set

These curated sets fit a multitude of gifting needs. Choose between: A gift set containing two artisanal, hydrating soaps by Musee. The Kindness soap has a wisteria, rose, and french vanilla scent, while the Thankful soap smells of peppermint,...
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White Marble Modernist Bowl by Sir/Madam

With a strong focus on entertaining, Sir/Madam evokes classic motifs and historical references with easy, modern flair. Each product is designed to feel timeless, pairing well with a range of styles in today’s eclectic interiors.  The Marble...
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