Indoor Jungle by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan



With this stunningly photographed greenery guide, anyone can master the art of the thriving living room. When done correctly, curating a decent houseplant can be just as effective as hanging a beautiful work of art. After all, green companions are beneficial to mental and general health (being oxygenators), and are a key element to any well-balanced interior.

Authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan run Leaf Supply, the wildly successful nursery and interior-design store in Sydney, Australia. After publishing a beautifully designed book by the same name in 2018, they return with Indoor Jungle, explaining how to transform your home into a veritable greenhouse. In this sequel, Lauren and Sophia cast a wide, plant-loving net, featuring jungle-y architecture and interiors from around the world and breaking down how the foliage within is surviving (and thriving).


  • Dimensions: 8.25” x 9.8"
  • 256 Pages
  • Hardcover