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Melamine Dinner Plates

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Texas-based designer, Jenny Smiley, loves a good wink, in life and in design. She coined her “design with a wink” style by creating commonly loved patterns out of uncommon shapes. At first, you see a tasteful basketweave, stripe, or floral in her cocktail napkins, plates, and tea towels. Look closer, however, and you may spot the shape of your favorite state, pastime, or pet hidden in the pattern.

Her design epiphany came one night when, in a whirl of inspiration, when Jenny took a look at a map of the U.S. and decided to approach the states like any other shapes. After sketching each state, she let her imagination run wild developing more than one hundred patterns hat night. With that, "design with a wink" was born.

HONEY + HANK is a women-owned, women-led brand that believes the memories of the places and pastimes that shape us are worth celebrating. In every print, there are surprises to make customers feel seen, special, and celebrated and a lasting “I know you” moment for the giver and receiver.

There’s even a wink in the brand's name. “Honey” and “Hank” are Jenny's parents.




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  • Choose between 4 patterns: boxwoods, 50 states hydrangea, 50 states magnolia, and 50 states peony
  • 10.2” diameter
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for microwave use