Olivia Wendel

Penguins Seals Blanket

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Olivia Wendel is an artist and textile designer based in Brooklyn. Through scarves, blankets, and pillows, she translates her hand-painted art into functional yet whimsical textiles in an industry otherwise dominated by digital design. Wendel sees textiles as a way to bring paintings and illustrations to life, expressing personal narratives through a variety of materials and processes. While figures remain still on flat paper, printing them onto fabric gives them movement and presence. Employing painting as a form of choreography, Wendel invents figures who dance in a realm between memories and dreams. 

This lightweight blanket can be used to keep you cozy, hung on the wall as a tapestry, or function as a picnic blanket. 


Woven in North Carolina, USA. 100% US-grown cotton. Machine-wash using cold water and gentle settings, line dry. Measurements 54”x72”.


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  • 100% US-grown cotton
  • Size: 54” x 72”
  • Woven in North Carolina
  • Machine-wash cold