Solid Dishwashing Soap by Andrée Jardin



A century ago on the banks of the Erdre river in Nantes, France, Georges-René Julio got his start as an apprentice brush maker. Soon the brushes became a passion for Georges-René, and in 1947, he opened his own factory, Brosserie Julio. Today, his grandchildren Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie have taken over the family business, producing beautifully crafted brushes and brooms of their own. To honour the memory of their beloved grandmother, Andrée Jardin, the two brothers named their home accessory brand after her in 2012.

  • Choose between Lemon Mint & Grapefruit Rose
  • Made from organic olive oil, vinegar and natural scents
  • Deeply cleans and degreases dishes, while being gentle on the skin
  • High content of raw vegetable materials makes this a product that does not leave chemical residue on dishes