Tan Hat by ThunderVoice Hat Co.



The iconic Navajo brim hat has spanned through the ages, as a reminder of generations past. A collaboration of cultures, ThunderVoice Hat Co. carries on the lineage of Native fashion. Each ThunderVoice hat is vintage hand-sourced, steamed and shaped, creatively visioned, and lovingly made.

  • Arrowhead stamp on top
  • Brim is approximately 3.5" wide
  • Interior circumference is approximately 20.5" wide
  • Interior diameter width is approximately 6" wide
  • Interior diameter length is approximately 7.5" long
  • Interior depth is approximately 3.5" deep
  • Natural elements include: turquoise, sweetgrass and baby's breath
  • Hats are sustainably sourced
  • Removable feather
  • Sustainable-reclaimed leather hat band features vintage coins
  • Hats can not be returned or exchanged due to the one-of-a-kind nature of each hat