The Rose Double Diamond Kit by Garden Glory



Linda Brattlöf founded Garden Glory after moving to Sweden. In love with yard work in her new home, the only downside was her ugly hose. So she decided to craft her own and Garden Glory was born. The company today offers a bespoke line of attractive, luxurious alternative garden appliances.



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  • Kit includes watering can, matching garden spade and rose sprinkler head
  • Watering can capacity: 8 liters
  • Watering can dimensions: height 15.7”, spout: 20.4”
  • Recyclable HDPE plastic watering can
  • Spade dimensions: length 9”, blade width 5”
  • Garden spade materials: solid brass blade and compression folded plastic handle
  • Sprinkler head dimensions: height 5.1”, width 3.5”, depth 2”, weight 4.4 lbs
  • Solid brass sprinkler head
  • Sprinkler head can be stored inside of the mouth of the watering can