White Chocolate Pecan Pie by Colts Chocolate Co.



Founded in 1984 in Nashville, Tennessee, Colts Chocolate Company came from humble beginnings when original owner Mackenzie Colt began creating chocolates and other desserts. Her sweet treats soon became popular, not only among friends and family, but musicians and celebrities as well.

Perfect for a mid-day treat or the centerpiece of the dessert table at your next holiday gathering, Colts chocolates a sure bet for any gathering or gifting occasion. Found across the country in specialty boutiques, hotels, and retail shops, Colts remains a crafted-by-hand chocolatier and a true taste of Nashville to this day.

A classic Southern pie crafted by hand with a flaky crust, fresh Texas pecans, and rich white chocolate.

Freeze until use, thaw briefly, and serve.


  • Freeze until use, thaw briefly and serve
  • Features Texas pecans and white chocolate in a flaky crust
  • Size: 10”
  • This item ships directly from the vendor