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Complete your look with our curated selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from our favorite makers.

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Maya CuffMaya Cuff
Selina King
Maya Cuff Sale price$305.00
Wide CuffWide Cuff
Wide Cuff Sale price$225.00
Thin CuffThin Cuff
Thin Cuff Sale price$165.00
Wave NecklaceWave Necklace
Selina King
Wave Necklace Sale price$240.00
Sydney EarringsSydney Earrings
Selina King
Sydney Earrings Sale price$285.00
Ava StudsAva Studs
Selina King
Ava Studs Sale price$225.00
Sheila CuffSheila Cuff
Selina King
Sheila Cuff Sale price$590.00
Malu Pendant NecklaceMalu Pendant Necklace
The Jeanette Earrings
The Jane Earrings
Lina Rosa
The Jane Earrings Sale price$275.00
Petite Reef Bronze Link Necklace
Sicily Aqua Chalcedony Bronze Necklace
Zen Bronze Earring
Cloud Bronze Pearl Earring
Orca Drop EarringsOrca Drop Earrings
Orca Drop Earrings Sale price$145.00
Nenana Circle EarringsNenana Circle Earrings
Granulated Bronze Hoop EarringsGranulated Bronze Hoop Earrings
Tolumnia Circle EarringsTolumnia Circle Earrings
Dendrobium Circle EarringsDendrobium Circle Earrings
Dracula Hoop EarringsDracula Hoop Earrings
Calima Bronze EarringsCalima Bronze Earrings
Camellia Earring in PinkCamellia Earring in Pink
Elodie Floral Earring in LilacElodie Floral Earring in Lilac
Amarna Statement NecklaceAmarna Statement Necklace
Breezer Statement EarringsBreezer Statement Earrings
Black Fortress Bronze CuffBlack Fortress Bronze Cuff
Stamen Earring in BlackStamen Earring in Black
Helix Bronze Earring in ChalcedonyHelix Bronze Earring in Chalcedony
Dotted Link Bronze NecklaceDotted Link Bronze Necklace
Amethyst, Lolite, & Sapphire Bamboo Short Chandelier EarringsAmethyst, Lolite, & Sapphire Bamboo Short Chandelier Earrings
Kleck, Intaglio, & Cabochon Earrings in JadeKleck, Intaglio, & Cabochon Earrings in Jade
Amethyst Faceted Square and Cabochon Drop EarringsAmethyst Faceted Square and Cabochon Drop Earrings
Marjan (Petite) Statement EarringsMarjan (Petite) Statement Earrings
Anna (Petite) Statement EarringsAnna (Petite) Statement Earrings
Tiu Drop EarringsTiu Drop Earrings
Tiu Drop Earrings Sale price$145.00
Dah EarringsDah Earrings
Dah Earrings Sale price$95.00
Viking Bronze CuffViking Bronze Cuff
Bertoia Chain BraceletBertoia Chain Bracelet
Double Resin Square Earrings in SapphireDouble Resin Square Earrings in Sapphire
Hummingbird Earrings in PinkHummingbird Earrings in Pink