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Biscuit Cutter

Sale price$32.00

Crafted from local Maple, each Biscuit Cutter is hand-turned with meticulous care. Measuring approximately 2 1/4" in diameter, they are perfect for thick biscuits and versatile enough for cookies. Featuring an air hole for easy dough release, these cutters are a testament to artisanal charm and functionality.
Biscuit Cutter
Biscuit Cutter Sale price$32.00

Made in

Nickelsville, Virginia


Lancaster & Sons

Joel Lancaster of Lancaster & Sons embodies the true spirit of Southern craftsmanship, rooted in a childhood spent amidst the fertile lands of Waco, Texas. Raised in a family deeply connected to the earth, he learned the art of woodworking from the master craftsmen of Homestead Heritage. Since carving his first spoon at the age of 10, Joel's passion for functional kitchenware has flourished, fueled by the support of his devoted wife, Crissa, and their brood of adventurous children among the background of a picturesque farm nestled in the Virginia countryside.