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Cypress Walnut Cruiser

Sale price$195.00

A timeless fishtail design, this cruiser features a Sinker Cypress and Black Walnut deck with Caliber III trucks and bright blue OJ Superjuice wheels.

Cypress Walnut Cruiser
Cypress Walnut Cruiser Sale price$195.00

Made in

Charlotte, North Carolina


SouthernWood Paddle Company

Born in Maine, Larry McIntyre grew up outdoors, bonding with his father and uncle through hunting and fishing. Scouting taught him invaluable skills, leading to earning Eagle Scout in 1992. After studying biology and public health at West Virginia University, he settled in Charlotte, NC where he met his wife and started a family. Feeling disconnected from corporate life, he turned to woodworking, crafting canoe paddles as a creative outlet. SouthernWood Paddle aims to unite others with the South's natural beauty and history.