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Embossed Running Horse Julep Cup

Sale price$27.00

With its slightly flared rim, this cup is ideal for leisurely sipping – the only way a julep should be enjoyed. Beyond cocktail hour, repurpose it as a charming vase or statement pencil holder for versatile use.
Embossed Running Horse Julep Cup
Embossed Running Horse Julep Cup Sale price$27.00

Made in

Louisville, Kentucky


Stoneware & Co.

Stoneware & Co. seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, tracing its roots from the bustling river trade era to becoming a staple in Bourbon Country's whiskey jug-making tradition. Crafted by skilled artisans, their pottery reflects a rich history. From essential storage containers to timeless dinnerware adorned with new designs like Augusta and Flora, Stoneware & Co. continues to honor the legacy of American pottery while embracing modern creativity.