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Whisk Note Pad

Sale price$8.50

The Whisk Notepad by Ancesserie is a delightful blend of charm and functionality, meticulously crafted from authentic nineteenth-century newspaper plates sourced from the family's renowned publication, The Edgefield Advertiser. Ideal for culinary enthusiasts, it offers a timeless surface for jotting down recipes, kitchen notes, and culinary inspirations, infusing every kitchen moment with a touch of historic elegance.

Whisk Note Pad
Whisk Note Pad Sale price$8.50

Made in

Edgefield, South Carolina



Ancesserie Letterpress specializes in crafting elegant and rustic stationery using 19th-century newspaper plates from their family newspaper, The Edgefield Advertiser. Inspired by ancestry, the handcrafted designs tell a captivating American story, incorporating period engravings and collaborations with artists. Printed on eco-friendly paper with vintage presses from the late 1800s, each piece boasts unique variations in ink coverage and impression depth. Ancesserie's letterpress is a blend of historical charm, modern sophistication, and timeless beauty, offering a luxurious and tactile experience.