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Hot Sauces

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After patrons started taking bottles of Chef Geoff Rhyne's handmade hot sauce off the tables at acclaimed restaurants, Red Clay was founded.

Every batch of Red Clay Hot Sauce is handcrafted in a tiny South Carolina town, using just a few ingredients, all of which come from farmers in neighboring states.

Hot Sauces
Hot Sauces Sale price$14.00

Made in

Charleston, South Carolina


Red Clay

Raised amidst the red clay fields of Georgia, Chef Geoff Rhyne's passion for Southern cuisine blossomed. Inspired by his roots, he crafted a Fresno hot sauce that delicately enhanced dishes without overpowering them. When Molly Fienning discovered this culinary gem in Charleston, its nuanced heat captivated her, leading to a partnership that birthed Red Clay—a testament to Southern flavors, now gracing tables nationwide with its irresistible charm and distinctive taste.