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Mini Decoy Pair

Sale price$600.00

Hand carved from Sapele Mahogany, Tom Boozer creates his mini decoys using the exact same process as his full size gunning birds. After shaping the birds he hollows out the body and places a #2 steel shot inside before reattaching the bottom. Boozer uses no power tools in the process. A leather anchor fob and lead ballast is applied after painting with exacting detail.

Mini Decoy Pair
Mini Decoy Pair Sale price$600.00

Made in

Yonges Island, South Carolina


Tom Boozer

Tom Boozer's woodcarving legacy is steeped in the artistry of decoy carving, a craft that resonates deeply with Southern heritage. Guided by the wisdom of Olin Ballentine, Boozer's mastery of hollow-bodied decoys sets him apart as one of the nation's foremost carvers, with over 3,100 meticulously crafted birds adorning his portfolio. Beyond decoys, Boozer's repertoire encompasses museum-quality boat models and historical replicas, solidifying his status as a guardian of tradition and a purveyor of exquisite craftsmanship.

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