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Rose Cordial Syrup

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Based in New Orleans, El Guapo crafts artisanal cocktail syrups with natural, non-GMO ingredients. The classic Rose Cordial is made from rose hips, rose petals, and rose water with a rich pink hue naturally derived during production. This highly floral, aromatic syrup is exceptional in champagne, cocktails, zero proof drinks, punch recipes, and more. 

Rose Cordial Syrup
Rose Cordial Syrup Sale price$20.00

Made in

New Orleans, Louisiana


El Guapo

Nestled in New Orleans, Louisiana, El Guapo Bitters crafts artisanal bitters, syrups, and mixers, reflecting the region's vibrant cocktail culture. Dubbed "everything but the booze," their offerings prioritize quality, sustainability, and impeccable ingredient sourcing. From collaborating with local farmers to partnering with top spice importers, each elixir is free from GMOs and artificial additives. With a commitment to transparency and taste, their syrups feature cane sugar, while their bitters remain sugar-free and vegan-friendly, epitomizing Southern hospitality in every sip.