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Sydney Earrings

Sale price$285.00

A timeless blend of sophistication and modernity, the Sydney Earrings are perfect for elevating any ensemble with understated elegance.
Sydney Earrings
Sydney Earrings Sale price$285.00

Made in

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Selina King

Crafted from the tapestry of her upbringing on Hilton Head Island, Selina King's namesake brand is a homage to resilience, community, and the timeless allure of fine craftsmanship. Infused with the spirit of her parents' thrift store and crystal emporium, Selina's journey from Parsons School of Design to the forefront of high fashion is a testament to the enduring influence of familial legacy. With each ethically sourced and meticulously designed piece, Selina not only adorns her wearers with elegance but empowers them with a sense of connection to the past and hope for the future.