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Clear Glasses Set

Sale price$87.00

Introducing Voyage's versatile glassware sets, available in tall and short profiles for every occasion. Crafted in Bogota from recycled glass, each piece is hand-blown, ensuring uniqueness in color, texture, and shape. Whether you prefer tall and slim glasses for cocktails or wide, low-profile ones for wine, these bundles come complete with a handled cocktail pitcher for easy pouring, making them perfect additions to any home bar.

Clear Glasses Set
Clear Glasses Set Sale price$87.00

Made in

New Orleans, Louisiana



In the enchanting world of Voyage, every piece tells a story—a narrative born from founder Gigi's world travels. From the sun-kissed shores of Morocco to the idyllic landscapes of Greece, her explorations have forged deep bonds with artisans, weaving a tapestry of cultural richness into each handmade treasure. Rooted in fair trade principles, Voyage offers bespoke goods that embody the essence of slow living and conscious consumerism. Inspired by the spirit of wanderlust and the comforts of home, Gigi's curated collection invites you to embark on a journey of discovery without ever leaving your doorstep.